ISCIS 2012 Programme


October 3   8.30am Registration & Coffee


9am Opening & Invited Paper:

Professor Marta Kwiatowska, Oxford University. Automatic Verification of Competitive Stochastic Systems.


10.00 am Coffee Break


10.30am – 12.30 noon


Smart Systems & Networks

Arnold Rosenberg

Finite-State Robots in the Land of Rationalia

Ricardo Lent and Erol Gelenbe

Cognitive Packets in Large Virtual Networks

Georgios Theodoridis, Orestis Tsigkas and Dimitrios Tzovaras

A Novel Unsupervised Method for Securing BGP against Routing Hijacks

Olivier Bournez and Johanne Cohen

Learning Equilibria in Games by Stochastic Distributed Algorithms.

Luca Silvestri and Emiliano Casalicchio

Autonomic Management of Cloud-based Systems: the Service Provider perspective


Green IT, Energy & Networks

Edward Curry, Gerard Conway and Brian Donnelan

Measuring Efficiency Practices in Mature Data Centres: A Maturity Approach

Georgia Sakellari, Christina Morfopoulou,   Toktam Mahmoodi and Erol Gelenbe

Using energy criteria to admit flows in a wired network  

Giuliano Andrea Pagani and Marco Aiello

Cost and Benefits of Denser Topologies for the Smart Grid 

Neyre Tekbiyik, Elif Uysal-Biyikoglu, Tolga Girici and Kemal Leblebicioglu

Utility-based Time and Power Allocation on an Energy Harvesting Downlink: The Optimal Solution

Neyre Tekbiyik, Elif Uysal-Biyikoglu, Tolga Girici and Kemal Leblebicioglu

An Algorithm for Proportional- Fair Downlink Scheduling in the Presence of Energy Harvesting


12.30noon to 2pm Lunch Break

2pm-3pm Invited Speaker:  Prof Isi Mitrani Energy Saving and Performance in Service Centers




Performance Modelling and Evaluation

Minh Anh Tran and Nihal Pekergin

Compositional Verication of Untimed Properties for a class of Stochastic Automata Networks

Jean-Michel Fourneau, Farah Ait Salaht and Nihal Pekergin

Computing entry-wise bounds of the steady-state distribution of a set of Markov Chains

Antoine Desmet and Erol Gelenbe

Interoperating Infrastructures in Emergencies

Simonetta Balsamo, Gian-Luca Dei Rossi and Andrea Marin

Cooperating stochastic automata: approximate lumping an reversed process

 Jean-Michel Fourneau

Product form solution for a simple control of the power consumption in a service centre



Data Analysis

Olcay Taner Yldz and Ethem Alpaydin

Statistical Tests using Hinge/$\epsilon$-Sensitive Loss

Zafer Ataser and Ferda Nur Alpaslan

Self-Adaptive Negative Selection using Local Outlier Factor

Heysem Kaya, Olcay Kurşun and S. Fikret Grgen

Posterior Probability Convergence of k-NN Classification and K-Means Clustering


4.40pm-5pm Coffee Break



Computer Vision I

Asuman Gnay and Vasif Nabiyev

Age Estimation Based on Local Radon Features of Facial Images

Cansin Yildiz and Tolga Capin

Paper and Pen: a 3D Sketching System

Gokcen Cimen, Abdullah Bulbul, Bulent Ozguc and Tolga Capin

Perceptual Caricaturization of 3D Models 

Hui-Yu Huang and Shih- Hang Hsu

Face alignment and recognition under varying lighting and expressions based on illumination normalization


Communication Systems

Jean-Michel Fourneau and Nora Izri

Fixed-mobile convergence in an Optical Slot Switching ring

Mehmet Hilal Ozcanhan, Gokhan Dalkilic and Mesut Can Gurle

An Ultra-light PRNG for RFID tags 

David Poulain, Joanna Tomasik and Marc- Antoine Weisser

Minimization of the receiver cost in an all-optical ring with a limited number of wavelengths

Gokce Gorbil and Erol Gelenbe

Resilient Emergency Evacuation using Opportunistic Communications


October 3, 7.30pm Conference Dinner


October 4

9.15am-10.00am Invited Speaker:

Prof Edward G. Coffman Jr Performance of Solid-State Disk Drives

10.00am-10.30am Coffee Break




Network Science I 

Alev Mutlu and Pinar Senkul

Improving Hash Table Hit Ratio of an ILP-based Concept Discovery System with Memoization Capabilities

Arta Babaee and Moez Draief

Distributed Multivalued Consensus

Arta Babaee and Moez Draief

Optimization of Binary Interval Consensus

Meenal Chhabra, Sanmay Das and Boleslaw Szymanski

Team Formation in Social Networks 


Computer Vision II

Merve Aydnllar and Adnan Yazc

Semi-Automatic Semantic Video Annotation Tool

Giap Nguyen, Patrick Franco, Rmy Mullot and Jean-Marc Ogier

Space-filling curve for image dynamical indexing 

Kamil Yurtkan and Hasan Demirel

Person Independent Facial Expression Recognition Using 3D Facial Feature Positions


12noon-2pm Lunch Break




Network Science II

Ahmet Onur Durahim, Ismail Fatih Yildirim, Erkay Savas and Albert Levi

Performance Evaluation of Different CRL Distribution Schemes Embedded in WMN Authentication

Ryan Heartfield and George Loukas

On the feasibility of automated semantic attacks in the Cloud

Bilge Acun, Alper Baspinar, Ekin Oguz, Mustafa Ilker Sarac and Fazli Can

Topic Tracking Using Chronological Term Ranking 

Sefa Kilic, Pinar Senkul and İsmail Hakki Toroslu

Clustering Frequent Navigation Patterns from Website Logs by Using Ontology and Temporal Information

Tulin Atmaca, Tadeusz Czachorski, Krzysztof Grochla, Tomasz Nycz and Ferhan Pekergin

A model of boot-up storm dynamics 

ağla Yaman and Nihan Cicekli

A Content Recommendation Framework Using Ontological User Profiles


Data Engineering

Islam Elgedawy

Data Consistency as a Service (DCaaS)

Umut Tosun, Tansel Dokeroglu and Ahmet Cosar

Heuristic Algorithms for Fragment Allocation in a Distributed Database System

Banu Deniz Gnel and Pnar Şenkul

Integrating Semantic Tagging with Popularity Based Page Rank for Next Page Prediction

Oznur Kirmemis and Pinar Senkul

New Techniques for Adapting Web Site Topology and Ontology to User Behavior

Maria Carla Calzarossa and Luisa Massari

Temporal Analysis of Crawling Activities of Commercial Web Robots

A. Gural Vural, B. Barla Cambazoglu, Pinar Senkul and Z. Ozge Tokgoz

A Framework for Sentiment Analysis in Turkish: Application to Polarity Detection of Movie Reviews in Turkish


16.00-16.30pm Coffee Break



Methods & Algorithms

Laurent Hascoet, Shahadat Hossain and Trond Steihaug

Structure in Optimization:Factorable Programming and Functions

Adem Tuncer, Mehmet Yildirim and Kadir Erkan

A Hybrid Implementation of Genetic Algorithm for Path Planning of Mobile Robots on FPGA

Selcuk Baktir and Erkay Savas

Highly-Parallel Montgomery Multiplication for Multi-core General-Purpose Microprocessors

Jerry Swan, John Drake, Ender Ozcan, James Goulding and John Woodward

A Comparison of Acceptance Criteria for the Daily Car- Pooling Problem



Ilktan Ar and Yusuf Sinan Akgul

A Monitoring System for Home- Based Physiotherapy Exercises

David Ibarra and Josep Arnal

On the Use of Parallel Programming Techniques for Real-Time Scheduling Water Pumping Problems

Dominique Barth, Boubkeur Boudaoud, Francois Couty, Olivier David, Franck Quessette and Sandrine Vial

Map Generation for CO2 Cages