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ISCIS 2011, Royal Society, London, 26-28th September 2011

26th September

8:30am Registration




9:00am Prof Samson Abramsky, Oxford University, "Quantum Information Flow - A Computer Science Perspective"


10:00am Dr Jeff Buzen "Re-Thinking Randomness: Alternative Characterizations of Non-Deterministic Behavior"


11:00-11:15am Coffee Break


11:15am Prof Stefano Ceri, Politecnico di Milano "Search Computing Trends and Developments"


12:15-13:00 Lunch Break


13.00-15:00 Web Computing and Search

-        Hypergraph-Theoretic Partitioning Models for Parallel Web Crawling: Ata Turk, B. Barla Cambazoglu and Cevdet Aykanat

-        Web Service Discovery: A Service Oriented, Peer-to-Peer Approach with Categorization: Mustafa Onur Ozorhan and Nihan Cicekli

-        Finding High Order Dependencies in Data: Rosa Meo and Leonardo D'Ambrosi

-        Heuristic Algorithms for Real-Time Unsplittable Data Dissemination Problem: Mustafa Mujdat Atanak and Atakan Dogan

-        Automatic Categorization of Ottoman Literary Texts by Poet and Time Period: Ethem F. Can, Fazli Can, Pinar Duygulu and Mehmet Kalpakli

-        An Empirical Study about Search-Based Refactoring Using Alternative Multiple and Population-Based Search Techniques: Ekin KoNur Ersoy, Ali AndaZelal Seda ‚amlődere, İbrahim Cereci and Hurevren Kilic

 13:00-15:00pm Wireless Networks

-        A Distributed Scheme to Detect Wormhole Attacks in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks: Oya Simsek and Albert Levi

-        Cross-layer Optimization with Two-group Loading for Ad-hoc Networks:Hadhrami Ab Ghani, Mustafa Gurcan and Zhenfeng He

-        Algorithms for Sink Mobility in Wireless Sensor Networks to Improve Network Lifetime: Metin Koc and Ibrahim Korpeoglu

-        A Hybrid interference-aware multi-path routing protocol for Mobile Ad hoc Network: Le Phu Hung and Guy Pujolle

-        Providing Automated Actions in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks via Active Rules: Hakan Oztarak, Kemal Akkaya and Adnan Yazici

-        File Transfer Application for Sharing Femto Access: Mariem Krichen,Johanne Cohen and Dominique Barth

15:00-15:30pm Coffee Break

 15:30-17:30pm Data Engineering

-        Unsupervised Morphological Analysis Using Tries: Koray Ak and OlcayTaner Yőldőz

-        A Novel Approach to Morphological Disambiguation for Turkish: OnurGšrgŸn and Olcay Taner Yőldőz

-        A Small Footprint Hybrid Statistical and Unit Selection Text-To-Speech Synthesis System for Turkish: Ekrem Guner and Cenk Demiroglu

-        Enhancing Incremental Feature Subset Selection in High-Dimensional Databases by adding a Backward Step: Pablo Bermejo, Luis De La Ossa, Jose Gamez and Jose M Puerta

-        Memory Resident Parallel Inverted Index Construction: TayfunKucukyilmaz, Ata Turk and Aykanat Cevdet

-        Dynamic Programming with Ant Colony Optimization Metaheuristic for Optimization of Distributed Database Queries: Tansel Dškeroğlu and Ahmet Coşar

 15:30-17:30pm Computer Networks

-        A Prediction based Mobility Extension for eHIP Protocol:  Zeynep Gurkas Aydin, A.Halim ZaimHakima Chaouchi and Tulin Atmaca

-        Performance evaluation of a multiuser interactive networking system - a comparison of modeling methods: Tadeusz Czachorski, KrzysztofGrochla, Adam Jozefiok, Tomasz Nycz and Ferhan Pekergin

-        Auction-based Admission Control for Self-Aware Networks: Georgia Sakellari, Timothy Leung and Erol Gelenbe

-        Complexity Reduction for Multi-hop Network End-to-end Delay Minimization: Mustafa K. Gurcan, Irina Ma, Zhenfeng He and Hadhrami Ab Ghani

-        Performance improvement of an optical network providing services based on multicast: Joanna Tomasik, Vincent ReinhardJohanne Cohen, Dominique Barth and Marc-Antoine Weisser

-       Secondary Bus Performance in Retiring Cache Writebacks to Memory: John O' Farrell, Rakshith Venkatesh and Sanjeev Baskiyar



18:00-19:30 Welcome reception


27 September 2011

9:00-10:30am Green ICT    

-        Energy Cost Model for Frequent Item Set Discovery in Unstructured P2P Networks: Emrah Cem, Ender DemirkayaErtem EsinerBurak Ozaydinand Oznur Ozkasap

-        Towards a fairer energy consumption in wireless ad hoc networks: Maurizio D'Arienzo

-        Energy efficient resource allocation strategy for cloud data centers:  Minh Quan Dang, Robert Basmadjian2, Hermann De Meer, Ricardo Lent, Toktam Mahmoodi, Domenico Sannelli, Federico Mezza, Luigi Telesca1, Corenten Dupont

-        A Survey of Recent Work on Energy Harvesting Networks: Hakan Erkal, Fatih Mehmet Ozcelik, Mehmet Akif AntepliBaran Tan Bacinoglu and ElifUysal-Biyikoglu

-        Distributed Energy-Aware Routing of Traffic: Erol Gelenbe and Toktam Mahmoodi

9:00-10:30am Modelling and Simulation

-        Numerical Integration Methods for Simulation of Mass-Spring-Damper Systems: Mete Ozguz and M. Taner Eskil

-        Multi-layered Simulation Architecture: A Practical Approach: Okan Topu and Halit OğuztŸzŸn

-        Variable Threshold Based Cutting Method for Virtual Surgery Simulations: …mer ‚akir, Fatih ‚akir and Oğuzhan ‚akir

-        Model Based Approach to the Federation Object Model (FOM) Independence Problem: Mehmet Fatih Uluat and Halit OğuztŸzŸn

-        G-network Modelling based Abnormal Pathway Detection in Gene Regulatory Networks: Haseong Kim, Rengul Atalay and Erol Gelenbe

10:30-11:00am Coffee Break

11:00-13:00 Discovery Science

-        FLIP-CPM: A Parallel Community Detection Method: Enrico Gregori, Luciano Lenzini, Simone Mainardi and Chiara Orsini

-        On the Complexity of Conclusive Update: Nina Gierasimczuk and Dick De Jongh

-        DeDALO: a framework for distributed systems dependencies discovery and analysis: Emiliano Casalicchio, Antonello Paoletti and Salvatore Tucci

-        A Content-Based Social Network Study of Evliya CelebiŐs Seyahatname-Bitlis Section: Ceyhun Karbeyaz, Ethem F. Can, Fazli Can and Mehmet Kalpakli

-        On the Parameterised Complexity of Learning Patterns: Frank Stephan, Ryo Yoshinaka and Thomas Zeugmann

-        Using SVM to Avoid Humans - a Case of a Small Autonomous Mobile Robot in an Office: Emi Matsumoto, Michele Sebag and Einoshin Suzuki

11:00-13:00 Agent Based Systems

-        Intelligent Navigation Systems for Building Evacuation:  Gokce Gorbil, Avgoustinos Filippoupolitis and Erol Gelenbe

-        Automatic Population of Scenarios with Augmented Virtuality: Oscar Ripolles, Jose Simo and Roberto Vivo

-        Support for Resilient Communications in Future Disaster Management: Val Jones, Georgios Karagiannis and Sonia Heemstra De Groot

-        Agent-based modeling of a price information trading business: Saad Ahmad Khan and Ladislau Boloni

-        Modeling lane preferences in agent-based multi-lane highway simulation: Yi Luo and Ladislau Boloni

-        Chromosome Coding Methods in Genetic Algorithm for Path Planning of Mobile Robots: Adem Tuncer and Mehmet Yildirim

13:00-14:00 Lunch Break

14:00-16:00 Computer Vision and Image Processing

-        Boundary Descriptors for Visual Speech Recognition: Manoj Gaur, VijayLaxmiPreety Singh and Deepika Gupta

-        Semi-Automatic Adaptation of High-Polygon Wireframe Face Models Through Inverse Perspective Projection: Kristin S. BenliDidem Agdogan, Mete Ozguz and M. Taner Eskil

-        A Fuzzy Metric in GPUs: Fast and Efficient Method for the Impulsive Image Noise Removal: Josep ArnalJordi Bataller, M. Guadalupe SaÁnchez and Vicente Vidal

-        Improved Secret Image Sharing Method by Encoding Shared Values with Authentication Bits: Guzin Ulutas, Mustafa Ulutas and Vasif Nabiyev

-        Palmprint Verification Using Sift Majority Voting: H. Pasindu Abeysundera and M. Taner Eskil

-        3D Object Exploration using Viewpoint and Mesh Saliency Entropies: Ekrem SerinCandemir Doger and Selim Balcisoy

14:00-17:30 Special Session on Probability Models in Computer Systems and Networks

-        P. Whittle, Cambridge University, ŇEvolution to Optimality of Distribution NetworksÓ

-        F. Baccelli & D. Veitch, ENS Paris, ŇConvexity of the Autocorrelation Function of Queues and Networks"

-        J.M. Fourneau, Imene Kadi & F. Quessette, PRISM Univ. de Versailles ŇTime Parallel Simulation and hv-Monotonicity

-        D. Mitra & Qiong Wang, Bell Labs (USA) "Models for Optimization of Industrial Research Management"

-        A. Proutiere, KTH ŇSocially efficient Decentralized Learning Algorithms for Dynamic RoutingÓ

-        O. Abdelrahman & E. Gelenbe, Imperial College ŇSearch in Non-Homogenous Random EnvironmentsŇ

-        M. Draief, Imperial College ŇInformation and Epidemic Spreading in Sparse Mobile NetworksÓ


18:30 Conference Dinner


28 September 2011

9:00-11:00am Security and Safety

-        Client-based CardSpace-OpenID Interoperation: Haitham Al-Sinani and Chris Mitchell

-        An Artificial Immune Classifier using pseudo-ellipsoid rules: Aris Lanaridisand Andreas Stafylopatis

-        Contextually Learnt Detection of Unusual Motion-Based Behaviour in Crowded Public Spaces: Ognjen Arandjelovic

-        Grid Security Loopholes with proposed Countermeasures: Nureni AyofeAzeezIyamu Tiko and Venter Isabella .M

-        Detection of Broken Link Fraud in DSDV Routing: Rajbir Kaur, Manoj Gaur and Vijay Laxmi

-        Strategies for Risk Facing in Work Environments: Mariagrazia Fugini, Claudia Raibulet and Filippo Ramoni

9:00-11:00am Algorithms

-        Zoom-In/Zoom-Out Algorithms for FCA with Attribute Granularity: Radim Belohlavek, Bernard De Baets and Jan Konecny

-        A Hyper-heuristic based on Random Gradient, Greedy and Dominance: Ender …zcan and Ahmed Kheiri

-        A Class of Methods Combining L-BFGS and Truncated Newton: Lennart Frimannslund and Trond Steihaug

-        Adaptation and Fine-Tuning of the Weighted Sum Method on Personnel Assignment Problem with Hierarchical Ordering and Team Constraints: Yilmaz Arslanoglu and Ismail Toroslu

-        An Option Pricing Model Calibration Using Algorithmic Differentiation: Emmanuel Tadjouddin

-        Co-training for Multi-source Constraint Propagation, by Zhenyong Fu and Horace H.S. Ip


11:00-11:15am Coffee Break

11:15-13:15pm Architecture and Systems      

-       Runtime Verification of Component-Based Embedded Software: Hasan Sozer, Christian Hofmann, Bedir Tekinerdogan and Mehmet Aksit

-       Model-based Software Integration for Flexible Design of Cyber-Physical Systems: Kaliappa Ravindran                

-       Generating Preset Distinguishing Sequences Using SAT: Canan GŸnien,Uraz Cengiz TŸrkerHasan Ural and HŸsnŸ YenigŸn

-       A decision-making ontology for analytical requirements elicitation: FahmiBarguiHanene Ben-Abdallah and Jamel Feki

11:15-13:15pm Machine Learning   

-        Spatio-temporal Pattern and Trend Extraction on Turkish Meteorological Data: Isil Goler, Pinar Senkul and Adnan Yazici

-        Contrastive Learning in Random Neural Networks and its Relation to Gradient-descent Learning : Alexandre Romariz and Erol Gelenbe

-        A Genetic Algorithms Based Classifier for Object Classification in Images:Turgay YilmazYakup Yildirim and Adnan Yazici

-        Two Alternate Methods for Information Retrieval from Turkish Radiology Reports: Kerem Hadimli and Meltem Turhan Yšndem

-        Scaled On-line Unsupervised Learning Algorithm for a SOM-HMM Hybrid: Christos Ferles, Georgios Siolas and Andreas Stafylopatis

-        Sequential Pattern Knowledge in Multi-Relational Learning: Carlos Ferreira, Jo‹o Gama and V’tor Santos-Costa


13:15-14:30 Lunch